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Energy Services

The energy services that SRADCO provides are innovative and unique for every client. SRADCO members have been speakers at many regional energy conferences. David Seidel spoke at the first EurAsian Renewable Energy Conference in 2005, the 2013 World Energy Engineers Congress, and the 2015 World Energy Engineers Congress.

SRADCO LLC offers the following energy services:

  • Energy Consultations for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Clients
  • Energy Consumption and Cost Evaluation
  • Building and Complex Energy Matrix
  • Certified Computer Models
  • Energy Conservation Measures Development and Implementation
  • Energy Acquisitioning and Distribution Management
  • New Construction and Energy Technologies Assessment
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis with Life Cycle Assessment
  • Renewable Energy and Self-Sustainability Techniques Profiles
  • Energy Efficiency Master Plans and Implementation
Alternative Fuel Test Engine

These energy services are provided with the highest standard of performance by a professional staff in accordance with the Department of Energy and ASHRAE protocols.

Energy Services FAQ

How much does a residential home energy audit cost?

The audit cost is based on the square footage and complexity of the building. Home energy audits typically range from $350 to $800, depending on both the square footage and the selected package options such as IR imaging and air infiltration testing. Also, travel distance cost may be added.

How much does a commercial or industrial energy consultation cost?

The consultation cost is based on the square footage and complexity of the building. SRADCO will give a proposal for the consultation after an initial interview or site visit.

How does SRADCO offer the other energy services listed above?

SRADCO offers the others services listed above when they are specifically requested by the client on the request form or at the initial client meeting. They are approved by the client in the acceptance of the SRADCO proposal.

Energy Services Request

Please read the FAQ to the left regarding energy services.

If you would like to request energy services, please proceed to the energy services request form.

Energy efficiency improvements are tax deductable, in most of the United States if a certified energy consultation is conducted.