Environmental Services

Environmental Services

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The environmental services that SRADCO provides are both effective and are tailored to suit the needs of every client. SRADCO's staff have been involved with many environmental regulation and policy conferences. For example, David Seidel spoke at the first EurAsian Environmental Conference in 2004 when the Central Independent States of the former Soviet Union were developing their national policies. Recently, SRADCO has been consulting parties involved with the USEPA policymaking of the Clean Energy Plan.

SRADCO offers the following environmental services:


  • Air, Water, and Hazardous Waste Permitting
  • Environmental Risk Assessment & Management
  • Environmental Computer Dispersion Modeling
  • Toxic and Accidental Release Planning
  • Predictive Environment Impact Analysis
  • Soil Remediation Planning and Operations Management
  • Solid and Liquid Contaminants Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Planning
  • Development of a “Remediation Action Plan”
  • Water Pollution Prevention Planning
  • Environmental Management Training Courses


  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Phase One Environmental Assessments
  • Coordination & Management of Remediation Response
  • Soil Remediation Program Management
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Remediation / Recovery
  • Pollution Sampling, Testing and Monitoring Systems Management
  • Follow-up Consequence Management, Monitoring and Reporting


SRADCO has a unique perspective with 20 years of expertise in environmental issues and 25 years in energy efficiency. SRADCO believes that secondary materials (wastes) which cause environmental damage can be converted into energy and/or value added products through thermal conversion processing.

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