SRADCO's Environmental and Energy Engineering and Consulting Services

SRADCO Services Overview

"Seidel Research and Development Company, LLC (SRADCO) is a privately-owned company which has been in business since 1991. In the early years, the company was devoted to producing engineering computer software and tools. The company has grown to include the full spectrum of energy and environmental engineering services. We are proud to say that our primary goal is to meet the problems of our clients with energy savings and economical environmental solutions."

David L. Seidel, P.E.


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Energy Services

  • Energy Consultations for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Clients
  • Energy Consumption and Cost Evaluation
  • Building and Complex Energy Matrix
  • Certified Computer Models
  • Energy Conservation Measures Development and Implementation
  • Energy Acquisitioning and Distribution Management
  • New Construction and Energy Technologies Assessment
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis with Life Cycle Assessment
  • Renewable Energy and Self-Sustainability Techniques Profiles
  • Energy Efficiency Master Plans and Implementation
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Environmental Services