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Featured Environmental And Energy Engineering Projects

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Current Projects

Waste Recovery Consulting

Unites Earth Energy and BioDiverse Energies has contracted with SRADCO to perform renewable energy economic feasibility study for projects in South Africa, Ireland, Colorado, Missouri, Texas, and the Carolinas. The renewables under study are tires, biomass residuals, and secondary industrial materials. These projects, if feasible, may result in other energy and environmental contracts for renewable energy resourcing and technology development and implementation.

Biomass Energy and Technology, LLC of Cadet, Missouri has SRADCO under contract for process design and environmental services for a new 10 TPH clean biomass–to‐energy and products facility. In the future the facility may be expanded to a fully solid waste recovery facility, pending funding.

Biomass Pyrolysis, Gasification and Densification Consulting

Enginuity WorldWide, LLC of Mexico, MO has SRADCO under contract for process design and environmental services for their new technology to produce charcoal or bio‐coal from a varieties of agricultural residuals, forestry, and secondary industrial materials. The projects at Enginuity involve processing of agricultural materials and woody biomass into a specific customer requested engineered solid fuel or advanced product. An example is processing corn stover into a bio‐coal to replace coal in existing power plants without costly retrofitting.

Basques Hardwood Charcoal of Quebec, Canada has contracted SRADCO to engineering improvements on their maple flavored hardwood charcoal plant near Rimouski. The project involves consulting on kiln design, afterburner design and charcoal processing.

Energy Efficiency Consulting

City of Columbia Water and Light – Energy Conservation Department uses SRADCO for the complex and challenging energy efficiency consultations. The City of Columbia offers free energy consultations of all of the electricity customers.

Certified Residential Home Energy Auditor

Mr. David Seidel is a certified residential home energy auditor and Ameren UE professional energy consultant. Mr. Seidel is a certified geoexchange design professional.

Renewable Energy Economics, Policy and Engineering

SRADCO is working with its partners in the development of renewable energy economic feasibility, policy making and new techniques and technologies. Wind, solar, hydro, geoexchange thermal, and biomass technical consulting are currently being researched by SRADCO staff.

Environmental Engineering

SRADCO continues to provide environmental consulting for a variety of clientele including the lime and limestone industry, charcoal manufacturing industry, lead mining industry, metal fabrication, printing paint manufacturing, automobile manufacturing industry, and others.

environmental engineering services environmental engineering services

Completed Projects

SRADCO Waste Recovery Consultations

Blizzard Energy of Great Bend, KS is a waste tire recovery facility which processes tires by pyrolysis into char, oil and bio‐gases. In 2015, SRADCO has provided engineering support for the Blizzard Energy staff to work out pyrolysis operating problems on the twelve furnace/four oven Russian made system and the char processing line. SRADCO was successful in bringing the facility to operational status.

Masterchem SWC Control System was a solvent waste capture control system that was designed and implemented in conjunction with Masterchem's new regenerative thermal oxidation system.

SRADCO Biomass Pyrolysis, Gasification and Densification Consultations

Since 2004, SRADCO has been the leading environmental and process development consulting firm for the US wood charcoal industry. SRADCO’s knowledge of biomass pyrolysis and gasification, has been implemented and EPA testing in four states and at dozens of facilities. Beside air pollution reduction with the thermal oxidation, SRADCO has air and water pollution prevention plans in seven states.

Energy Efficiency Consultations

City of Columbia Water and Light – Energy Conservation Department – Since 1996, SRADCO has worked with the City on energy efficiency consultations (audits). The list of clients include churches, schools, colleges, hospitals, industrial manufacturing, retail and food service stores, merchandise stores, restaurants, office buildings, transportation and other commercial and industrial facilities.

SRADCO developed a Rural Community Energy Master Plan for Sharpe Holding Co. The master plan identified energy saving and implemented a plan that the rural community could become energy independent in seven years.

Renewable Energy Economics and Engineering

SRADCO has worked on the City of Columbia Municipal Power Plant conversion from coal to biomass solid fuels. With Enginuity and the City of Columbia, APPA DEED grants, SRADCO has helped in the development of the biomass solid fuel replacement protocols.

SRADCO has developed and certified the Quaker Oats Solar One Project and the Holiday Inn Express Solar Array at Kingdom City.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental permitting and emissions inventory projects include clients such as Smith Hardwood Flooring, Packaging Service Company, Royal Oak Charcoal, Frontier Charcoal, Glasgow Quarries, Taylor Quarries, Engineered Coil Co., Sandidge Concrete, GoldStar Charcoal, Macon Municipal Utilities, DeBruce Grain, Total Recycling Technologies, AirSource Technologies, Scott Tie Company, Missouri Harwood Charcoal, , Renewable Carbon Energies, and Missouri Tie & Timber. Water Pollution Prevention Planning (SWPPP) and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC) were develop by SRADCO for these clients

Phase 1 Environmental Assessments were conducted for Missouri Tie and Timber Inc., Thomason Charcoal Inc., Little Bear Properties (107 N 7th St. Columbia, MO) and SP Group LLC (315/317 N. Delaware St, Kansas City, MO).

EPA compliance method testing was conducted by SRADCO for Joplin Mercy Hospital Energy Center (Boilers), Doss Harper Stone, Lead Belt Materials, Thomason Charcoal, Frontier Charcoal, Smith Flooring Inc (Boiler), Packaging Service Company, Renewable Carbon Energies, Taylor Quarries, Glasgow Quarries, and Whiteman Air Force Base.